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For 5U Competitive Tournaments, we will allow one coach on the field (outfield) and a coach along each foul line to assist players.

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MYBA Swing Away for Garrett Grider
10/3/2014 thru 10/5/2014

Garrett Grider was only on this Earth for a short time, but yet touched so many. His infectious smile and love for baseball are just two small glimpses of who he was and why we loved him so much.
We have had the honor of getting to live life with the Grider’s on and off the baseball field the last few years. Garrett was awesome. His energy and power could sometimes confuse you. He was a hard hitter and a fast runner.

From Garrett’s Coach:
“One day I asked Garrett, “Garrett why do swing at the first pitch, why not take it?” “Because,” he said “it looked good.” And he shrugged his shoulders and walked into the dugout. While he was walking away something occurred to me. If every day was a struggle, a fight, could you ever let a good pitch go by. As a coach I knew the advice for him. Garrett swing away, then. Swing away. Hit that ball to outer space.”

You would never know, at first glance, how much pain he was in. You wouldn’t guess how familiar he was with the inside of a hospital, the faces of the nurses, the rounds of the physicians, the taste of hospital food, even the buttons on the hospital beds. Garrett could tell you about the treatment, about T-cells and pediatric oncologists, he could tell you what radiation does to your hair, about lead-padded rooms and Metaiodobenzylguanidine therapy (MIBG for short.)
Garrett suffered from neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that is seen in about 650 cases per year. Symptoms depend on the primary location of the tumor leading to shortness of breath, weakness in the spine, loss of appetite among other things. Aggressive treatment of chemo and radiation are utilized. Some treatments are so toxic, it requires complete quarantine from all persons. Garrett was diagnosed in 2009 with this rare form of cancer and began treatment. In 2011, the family got some great news when Garrett was disease free. Unfortunately in 2012, the cancer had returned and he began treatments again. This time the cancer would not go away and on June 29, 2014 Garrett passed away
So, that brings us to today.

Now you have met Garrett, now let us ask for your help.
We would love for your team to come out and enjoy a great weekend of baseball. We will have raffles, games, tshirts, and a great silent auction to help the Grider’s. Please come out not only for this great cause but to enjoy something Garrett loved – BASEBALL! Please go to to read more about this wonderful boy!

Any vendor interested in setting up a booth at any MYBA tournament needs to contact Ron Cartmill at   Please include the following information:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Items to be sold/Services provided

Cost is $30/weekend or $20/day if you only want to set up 1 day.

We follow:
Please direct any rules questions to the UIC or Baseball Director


 Buck Thomas Park is located 1901 NE 12th St, Moore OK 73160.